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The Story

With over 9 years of homeopathic knowledge and experience, we are in a time where prioritizing the strength of your immune system is more important than ever. Because of that, we don't want to keep this gem to ourselves.


We want to share it with the community so everyone can benefit. That's why we've made it mobile. We don't want you to worry about traffic, not feeling well enough to leave the comfort of your home or anything else. Let us do the traveling and bring this experience to YOU.


We've been studying this particular homeopathic method called Halotherapy for over 3 years including from a local leading (now retired) Alternative and Holistic Practitioner. So we've gotten to experience first hand the restorative power of Halotherapy. We are happy to be able to help our community breathe easier.

Call or email us today, so we can get you salty.

Upon entering the mobile salt room, people are always WOW'd and the response is always the same. They always ask "How did you learn about this??"

Well the truth is, it was out of necessity. In 2013 our second child was born and he was so sensitive from birth I had to be a stay at home mom for the first 3 years of his life. EVERYTHING broke him out. From detergents, perfumes, lotions, dyes in clothing and bedding, fabrics, foods. He had allergies and even over the counter medications made him breakout. Because of this, we first switched to a clean diet and then it was time to focus on allergy relief. After some pretty extensive research, I started making my own remedies for cough, cold and different ailments and then came upon dry salt therapy. (People commonly use wet salt therapy in saline solutions) After realizing having him breathe salty air helped him with his allergies with no adverse reactions, I knew I couldn't keep this to myself. I knew there were more kids, and people in general, like him that could benefit from this.

The Knowledge

Pink Salt

Prioritizing your health is essential, even if you have a busy life. Making your wellbeing a top priority can help you stay energized and focused on the important tasks in your life. It also helps you avoid burnout and maintain a positive outlook. Outside of regular exercise and healthy food choices, prioritizing time for yourself and your mental wealth is equally as important. Taking time to relax and practice mindfullness. This can greatly help to reduce stress and promote a sense of wellbeing. 

Add onto that, relaxing and practicing mindfullness in an environment that is conducive and beneficial to your health is a WIN-WIN! That's where we come in! From a private session to sit in a zero gravity chair and just relaxing, to bringing a friend and you both sitting in the salt while meditating. That possibilities are endless!

Breathing better has never been easier or more relaxing!

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