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Providing Everything You Need

All sessions are 45 minutes.

Prices start as low as $35!


Kids Session

Allow your little one to benefit from the pure sea salt. They can play in the salt during the session. It's just like playing in sand at the beach! A parent is required to accompany the child for the duration of the session and we because of that, the parent is only $20 (that's 50% off a standard adult session).

We come to you - $50 (+ $20 Adult)
You come to us - $35 (+
$20 Adult)

*All kid sessions include beach like toys for kids to enjoy during the session. *Requires adult for the duration of the session

Salty Session (Adult)

Sit back and relax in a zero gravity chair while benefiting from the Halotherapy. It will be hard to not fall asleep! But if you do, that's okay! You will still reap the full benefits since nothing but breathing in the environment is required.

We come to you - $60
You come to us - $45

Interested in a group session? Let us know! 


Red Light Therapy

What's better than a salty session? A salty session with Red Light Therapy! 

We come to you - $80
You come to us - $65 

Requires eye protection goggles.
*Sterilized after each use*

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