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For more information on Halotherapy, click here.

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Now... for the space where the magic happens. Yes, it's in an enclosed trailer. On the outside, it looks like a normal trailer but once you step inside, we GUARANTEE you will be amazed. It doesn't get more private than this. As beneficial as a day at the beach.

A peek into a recent event

The results are in! Emergence II Awakening was a blast and we were a HIT!! Some of what we heard from our customers:

"Even just sticking my head in to peek at the room, I feel it in nose when I breath."

"I just sat down and I already feel something happening with my sinuses."

"The PEACE I felt during my session is truly priceless."

"This is AMAZING!"

"I wish I could put this exact room in my house!"

"How soon can I have my next session?"

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